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Reimagining Teaching & Learning

At Metcalf Laboratory School, on the campus of Illinois State University, our mission is to act as a model for educational methods & theory as we support the preparation of future educators, conduct educational research, offer a quality educational experience for children, and disseminate information to others in the educational profession.



1st Quarter 2023

Do you love to play games? Have you considered building your own? This course introduces you to the elements of game design and allows you to develop and create original video, board, or arcade games. We will learn techniques of visual block-based programming and basic engineering and construction skills as part of their game design experience.

2nd Quarter 2023

Design and create an original product of your choice. In this course, students identify daily problems or inconveniences in their life and design and build an original solution. Students will learn basic 3D design and printing techniques as well as basic construction techniques. Materials and supplies for the projects are furnished by the student.

3rd and 4th Quarter 2024

Take the first step into the amazing world of being a business owner. Whether your passion is baseball, skateboarding, or reading, use your creative skills to design and market products.  Students will launch the Metcalf Makers Shop as their final project!


Digital media platforms have broadened your ability to make a positive impact on the world.  This course introduces 5th grade students to blogging, podcasting, and video editing as a means of spreading the message of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Which goal are you most passionate about? 


Learn more about automation, algorithmic thinking, and programming through exploration with drones and robotics. In this self-paced course, 6th grade students will develop computer science skills as they utilize drones and robotics to solve everyday problems. 

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